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As a Program Guide for Remai Modern, it’s common for people to tell me they aren’t artistic. It’s my job, in just an hour or so, to turn that uncertainty into confidence and even change lives.

Remai Modern partners with more than 15 different programs around Saskatoon and I’ve worked with several of them on art projects with their clients.

We work with schools, newcomer groups, treatment centres and supported living residences to add art enrichment to their programs. That’s why I’m writing to ask you to please support Remai Modern’s art programming.

Every time I visit one of these organizations,

I see the impact art has on people. They are so grateful, no matter which activity we do. Your support makes this experience possible.

As you can imagine, I have many memorable experiences from working with local groups, but one participant stands out in my mind. Before one of our outreach programs at a rehabilitation centre, I approached a participant. He told me he hadn’t made art since he was a kid. “I’ll be terrible at this,” he said.

During the one and a half hour class, we worked on colour mixing and landscape painting. Though reluctant at first, he joined in. By the end of our time, his attitude had completely transformed. He realized he had talent. More importantly, he had a great time. He even asked to stay late to keep working independently.

Thanks to donors like you, moments like these take place all the time.

Your gift counts. Your donation of any size today will introduce participants to a healthy form of risk taking, a calming way to spend time and a feeling of pride. Art reduces stress and gives people a sense of accomplishment and control. For this participant, the seed of creativity was sown in that first workshop. I believe he will continue to seek out artistic experiences to help with his healing.

Thank you for considering your donation today so everyone in your community has access to their own transformative art experience.

Sincerely, Bevin Bradley

P.S. A heartfelt Thank You to the Frank and Ellen Remai Foundation for matching your donations. Please consider giving so that your investment in art, history and culture in Saskatchewan is doubled today. Thank you!DONATE NOW


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