Fireside with Lyndon

The Story of the Whitecap Dakota First Nation

Fireside conversation for August 6, 2019 will be with Chief Darcy Bear and others about the story of the Whitecap Dakota First Nation.

The Whitecap Dakota First Nation is part of the larger Dakota-Nakata-Lakota Nations whose lands and territories extended into both Canada and the United States. The Dakota were military allies of the British Crown and helped them win the War of 1812. The Dakota made several treaties with the British Crown as early as 1762. The British promised to always protect and honour the promises made to the Dakota. In 1862, following an uprising in Minnesota, the Dakota, led by Chief Whitecap, Chief Standing Buffalo and Chief Littlecrow, followed their old trade routes along the Souris River and entered their old territories but they were confronted with a new border they helped create during the War of 1812.

After reminding the Canadian officials of the treaties made with the British Crown, the Dakota were given reservations in Canada, and Whitecap eventually settled to their current location in 1879. In August, 1882, Chief Whitecap counselled John Lake on the location for a new temperance colony that would become the City of Saskatoon.

Like many First Nations, they struggled with unemployment, social problems, crime, economic opportunity, impacts of residential schools, poverty and loss of culture. Today, Whitecap Dakota First Nation has a Casino, an award-winning Golf Course, houses for sale to the general public, a store, a school, a 5% to 7% unemployment rate and many other accolades and are in the process of building a hotel. Join Fireside with Lyndon and come listen to their story!

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Join Lyndon J. Linklater, Remai Modern’s Indigenous Relations Advisor, for Fireside with Lyndon in the museum atrium. On select Tuesday evenings at 7 PM, Linklater will host a varied program of guests, performances, activities and stories in the warmth and comfort of the fireside in our atrium lounge


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