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This set of 6 colourful blocks make for great pattern making, tiling, and endless ways to let one's imagination run free. The Mulch R Blocks are a colourful alternative to plank-style building blocks.  Designed in Canada by aroundsquare, these blocks are made from forest-friendly wood.   Rigorously tested for safety, quality and fun!  Ages 3 and up.  

Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks are a system of wooden blocks, designed to invite real creative play. The blocks come in six vibrant colours, and the eight different sets in the range are all inter-compatible, with each offering slightly different options for building and play. These beautiful, precisely crafted blocks are striking to look at, and captivating to play with. The different designs allow for building outwards in every dimension, and the creation of structures which are both architecturally and geometrically interesting, as well as visually pleasing. Minimalist and curious, they are suitable as a construction toy for children, and popular as a desk toy for design-minded adults 

These blocks are rebelliously open-ended. They are intentionally packaged without instructions, suggestions, challenges or other prescriptive guidelines, in order to nurture truly creative play. Unlike so many of today's toys which tend to tell the child what to do, Goodwood invites the child to make their own decisions and come up with their own ways to play. This is a fundamentally empowering experience for children, reflecting the belief that good play provides a foundation for good citizenship.

Aroundsquare makes its Goodwood designs available under a Creative Commons license making them among the first truly "open-source toys". Each set is designed to be fun and interesting on its own, and even more when its is combined with the others. The deceptively simple (and completely biodegradable) packaging hides away a rainbow of vibrant colors, painted with non-toxic water-based acrylic paint, and made from forest-friendly, plantation grown rubber wood.

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