Pre-launch Programs

Remai Modern’s pre-launch programs test and advance ideas that will inform future activities in the museum’s new building. Lively and diverse, they are designed to engage audiences, introduce artists to our community, and create dialogues around the potential of art. Initiated in June 2015, the pre-launch programs will continue until Remai Modern opens to the public in 2017.

Web Commissions

The Internet is a dynamic platform where different modes of communication collide. Images, video, sound and text can be combined, activated by users, and accessed from nearly anywhere in the world. As digital media increasingly influences how we see, think, and connect with others, it presents compelling new possibilities for art. Easily accessed and rapidly changing, the online realm has the potential to unsettle hierarchies of knowledge and culture.

In association with its pre-launch program, Remai Modern is inviting artists to realize original projects exclusively for online viewing. Commencing with a work by internationally renowned British artist Ryan Gander, on the first day of every month a new artist’s work will appear on Remai Modern’s homepage. Past commissions will remain accessible in the online archive. Mobile and experimental, this online gallery allows for direct personal encounters with art while connecting artists and audiences across the globe. 

Curated by Gregory Burke, Executive Director & CEO and Sandra Guimarães, Director of Programs & Chief Curator.

Turn Out

Turn Out events encourage social engagement within the expanded field of contemporary art practice, including talks, screenings, projection works, installations, performance art, dance, readings, and live music. Turn Out events are staged at various sites and with diverse partners in the community. The topics, of particular relevance to Saskatoon and the province, also connect with global issues.

Museums 3.0

Through a series of seminars and public presentations, Museums 3.0 addresses a range of conceptual and professional issues shaping the terms of a 21st-century art museum. It represents an innovative, discursive and collaborative approach to developing the thinking that will inform the artistic direction of Remai Modern.

Learning & Engagement

Learning and Engagement programs encourage meaningful connections with art for people of all ages and backgrounds. Self-directed or social, program experiences foster creative thinking, reflective learning and dialogue. Our team responds to individual participant needs and learning styles. We develop programs with partners in education, the arts and diverse communities to increase relevance for all audiences.

Remai Modern gratefully acknowledges funding from the City of Saskatoon, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, Canada Council for the Arts and SaskCulture.