Ellen Moffat, Small Sonorities, 2017. Performance documentation. Courtesy of the artist.

Ellen Moffat

Small Sonorities: A Little Piece of String

Rooted in the vocabulary of sculpture—space, the body and materiality—Ellen Moffat’s primary media is sound. A Little Piece of String is a new configuration of works from her ongoing series, Small Sonorities. This performative sound installation uses digital signals of varying frequencies to vibrate physical interfaces and objects, creating a kinetic composition that explores the spatial and conceptual potentials of sound. 

With projects ranging from multi-channel sound installations and electroacoustic instruments to solo, collaborative and interdisciplinary performances, Moffat has presented her work at national and international exhibitions and live events. She has lived and worked across Canada, and is currently based in London, Ontario where she is a PhD candidate in Visual Arts at the University of Western Ontario.

Curatorial Team

Troy Gronsdahl, Associate Curator (Live Programs)


Ellen Moffat (b. Toronto, 1954) is a media installation artist based in Saskatoon. Rooted in the vocabulary of sculpture - space, the body and materiality – Moffat’s primary media is sound. At Remai Modern, Moffat will present a configuration of sculptural audio works from her recent series, Small Sonorities. Moffat uses low frequency signals of varying amplitude to vibrate the objects and interfaces to create sound ranging from near silence to noise. 

Moffat’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries, off-site venues and as public art. Exhibitions include: Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina; New Adventures in Sound Art, Toronto; CAFKA, Kitchener; Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax; Epcor Centre, Calgary; Kentler International Art Centre, Brooklyn; Salon Ba’stav, Tel Aviv; Hamilton Art Gallery. She is currently pursuing a PhD at Western University, London, Ontario.



A Little Piece of String

Ellen Moffat in conversation with Troy Gronsdahl



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