Spotlight on the Collection

Spotlight on the Collection features video work by Diyan Achjadi and Thirza Cuthand.

In Overflow, from Achjadi’s series The Further Adventures of Girl, the title character either forewarns or causes a glorious apocalyptic event. Girl acts as a stand-in for a militaristic society where nationalism and violence are normalized through ceremony, repetition and sameness. Cuthand’s Love & Numbers follows a two-spirited protagonist surrounded by spy signals, hospital walls and the binary codes of psychiatric drugs they have taken. A monologue traces their attempt to make sense of love, global paranoia and their place in the history of colonialism.

Seen together, the two videos question how normative values seek to both name and to swallow up deviance as perceived through gender, individuality, mental health and racial differences.

Curatorial Team

Curated by Sandra Fraser, Curator (Collection)



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