Zadie Xa and Benito Mayor Vallejo, Moon Poetics 4 Courageous Earth Critters and Dangerous Day Dreamers, 2020, digital collage. Courtesy of the artists.

Zadie Xa

Moon Poetics 4 Courageous Earth Critters and Dangerous Day Dreamers

Zadie Xa combines elements of sculpture, light, sound and performance to create ​immersive multi-media installations. Drawing from a range of fields including ecology, science fiction and ancient religions, she explores how beings imagine and inhabit their worlds. The gallery acts as a vessel or environment, in which stories are told though encounters with human, animal and supernatural presences.

Born and raised in Vancouver and now based in London, UK, Xa is informed by her experiences within the Korean diaspora. Forces of distance and relation—familial, cultural, spiritual—are at play in a process of continual becoming. Xa’s work bursts with colour, geometric camouflage and a density of symbols from her evolving personal iconography, including sea shells, knives and flames.

For her exhibition at Remai Modern, the artist's first solo museum project in Canada, Xa presents a new body of work highlighting the material and tactile aspects of her practice, featuring masks, garments and sculptural pieces with sound. The exhibition furthers Xa’s ongoing engagement with the powerful complexities of interspecies communication, matriarchal social structures and ancestral homelands.

Curatorial Team

Zadie Xa: Moon Poetics 4 Courageous Earth Critters and Dangerous Day Dreameris created with support from Remai Modern and Leeds Art Gallery, and is organized at Remai Modern by Rose Bouthillier, Curator (Exhibitions), and at Leeds Art Gallery by Holly Grange, Exhibitions Curator. The exhibition will open at Leeds Art Gallery on March 19, 2021.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.


Born in Vancouver, Zadie Xa is a London, UK-based artist who works across performance, painting, sculpture and moving image. Her most recent work has been presented at the De La Warr Pavilion, UK; Tramway, Glasgow; Yarat Contemporary Art Space in Baku, Azerbaijan, Art Night London 2019, and the 58th Venice Biennale. Xa was one of the recipients of the Sobey Art Award in 2020, which for the first time was awarded to all 25 nominees.



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