An Object of Beauty: A Novel

Artful Reading

World-famous comedian, actor and avid art collector Steve Martin's novel follows its protagonist, Lacey Yeager, a captivating and ambitious woman taking the NYC art world by storm. Groomed at Sotheby's and hungry to climb social and career ladders put before her, Lacey charms men and women, old and young, rich and even richer with her charisma and liveliness. Her ascension to the highest tiers of the city parallel the soaring heights—and, at times, the dark lows—of the art world and the country from the late 1990s through today. This program is hosted by Glen McKee.

Glen McKee was born and raised in Saskatoon and manages Remai Modern's Art & Design Store. An alumnus of the University of Regina and a self-proclaimed art-enthusiast, McKee has avidly been collecting art for more than 35 years.

An Object of Beauty: A Novel by Steve Martin

Hosted by Glen McKee

Space is limited and registration is required. E-mail to register.

$5 with admission or membership. Light refreshments provided.

About the talk

Remai Modern's book discussion program brings together two things we love: great art and literature! Led by different guest hosts and moderated by Robin Adair, participants are invited to discuss the selected book in connection to artworks on view. Titles are available from Remai Modern's Art & Design Store.


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