Why did Art Change? Modernism & a New Vision

Art extends and expands our shared visual language. When artists introduce new visual ideas, they are often seen as shocking, perhaps even incomprehensible. However, with time the best and most effective of these ideas endure. Artists show us new ways to see familiar things, offering alternative interpretations through a visual shorthand.

About the talk

Artists may spend weeks, months, even years creating a work of art, yet many viewers spend only seconds looking at it. This four-part series program is designed to slow things down, explore some big ideas, and offer tools and practices for looking at and talking about art. The evening will conclude with refreshments and conversation. To cover light refreshments for the group, the cost to attend is $10 + admission or membership.


Remai Modern is temporarily closed in an effort to help mitigate risks to the public related to the spread of COVID-19.

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