Puppies Puppies (Jade Kuriki Olivo), Consultation room for HIV testing, 2019. Installation view, BODY FLUID (BLOOD), Remai Modern. Photo: Blaine Campbell. 

Peer Mentor talks and activities

BODY FLUID (BLOOD) closing weekend

Join us for a special day to mark the last weekend of the exhibition BODY FLUID (BLOOD) by Puppies Puppies (Jade Kuriki Olivo). The exhibition considers blood as a liquid that unites us all as humans, while exploring the complexities of our inner workings.

This will be the last day of on-site HIV testing, offered by Saskatoon Sexual Health from 1-4 PM in a private consultation room in the gallery. Throughout the exhibition, Peer Mentors have played an important role, offering pre- and post-testing guidance on testing days. 

Today, Peer Mentors will share more about their work and experience, through talks and activities. Refreshments will be served, and the event is free and open to all.

1-4 PM

Glenn Clark, Pebbles Bird, Ken Rousell, Debbie Roberts,  Knighton Hillstrom, Melissa St. Denis, Lester Morin and others available for pre- and post-testing guidance.

1 PM   

Introduction to Mentor Work and Life Story, Connect Gallery

2 PM   

Prayer by Elder Roland Duquette, Connect Gallery

2:15 PM    

Debbie Roberts, Introduction to Body Mapping, Cameco Learning Studio

Knighton Hillstrom, Land Based Teachings, Connect Gallery

3 PM

Smudge facilitated by Lester Morin and sharing circle facilitated by Melissa St. Denis, Cameco Learning Studio

Thank you to all of the organizations that have consulted and collaborated on this project: Saskatoon Sexual Health, OUTSaskatoon, AIDS Saskatoon, Persons Living with AIDS Network of Saskatchewan, Elizabeth Fry Society and Sanctum.

About the talk

Peer Mentors help educate people who do not know about HIV/AIDS and share some common misconceptions on how it transmits. As part of their work Mentors want to achieve normalizing the testing process, testing outcomes and increasing the number of people getting tested in order to reduce stigma associated with HIV. Mentors encourage people, when they are unsure about getting tested, by helping them feel comfortable and aware that testing is an informed health decision. Making referrals and sharing resources to connect with other community partners is another way Mentors provide guidance. Through their work, Mentors impact our communities towards a better understanding of HIV.


Remai Modern is temporarily closed in an effort to help mitigate risks to the public related to the spread of COVID-19.

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