Left: respectfulchild photo by Lindsey Rewuski Centre: Marcel Petit Right: Shellie Zhang photo by Yuula Benivolski

respectfulchild, Marcel Petit and Shellie Zhang

Online Conversation

Join respectfulchild, Marcel Petit and Shellie Zhang for an online conversation building on themes explored in respectfulchild’s exhibition 落叶归根 : falling leaves return to their roots, currently on view at Remai Modern as part of the RBC Emerging Artist Series. Hear about the history of Saskatoon’s Chinatown and the importance of remembering and honouring ancestors and our histories.

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About the speakers:

respectfulchild is an artist born, raised, and living as an uninvited guest on Treaty 6 Territory. Working in sound, performance, and interdisciplinary collaboration, they explore the quiet tensions and chaotic beauty of being a queer Chinese settler on the Prairies. 

Marcel Petit is an independent producer, filmmaker, actor, photographer and playwright from Saskatoon. He has created several film/video works, from short dramatic pieces to feature documentaries. Recent theatre work includes Salt Baby, Reckoning and Blow Wind. He also runs the Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op, a youth centre in Saskatoon.

Shellie Zhang is a multidisciplinary artist based in Tkaronto/Toronto, Canada. By uniting both past and present iconography with the techniques of mass communication, language and sign, Zhang’s work deconstructs notions of tradition, gender, the diaspora, and popular culture while calling attention to these subjects in the context and construction of a multicultural society. She is interested in exploring how integration, diversity and assimilation is implemented and negotiated, how this relates to lived experiences, how culture is learned, relearned and sustained, and how things are remembered and preserved. 

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About the talk

This online conversation is presented as part of respectfulchild’s exhibition 落叶归根 : falling leaves return to their roots and the RBC Emerging Artist Series.


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