Teen Workshops

Remai Modern 14+ Teen Workshops encourage experimentation and skill-building with traditional and unconventional art processes. Workshops explore connections in contemporary arts and creative expressions through a range of media and techniques. Materials are supplied and no prior experience is required. 

Fourth Tuesday of each month, in the Cameco Learning Studio. FREE To register, click the button at the bottom of this page or call 306-975-8031/email

Making History workshop series

The Making History workshop series lets participants get hands-on with the art movements and techniques present in The Sonnabend Collection.

Pop Art - Tuesday, January 28, 7–9 PM, Register Now

The Pop Art movement challenged traditional fine art by including imagery from popular and mass culture, such as advertising and comic books. Using images of popular culture in art highlighted the influence of the ordinary, the everyday or the kitschy. This workshop will mainly focus on how Pop artists manipulated photographic images in their art work through printmaking methods, using an easy DIY method of printmaking that participants can duplicate at home. This process offers the same results as photo-based silkscreen printing. All skill levels welcome. Materials included.

The Way Things Go - Tuesday, February 25, 7–9 PM, Register Now

The Way Things Go is a 1987 art film by the Swiss artist duo Peter Fischli and David Weiss documenting a long causal chain assembled of everyday objects, resembling a Rube Goldberg machine; a demonstration of cause and effect, mechanism and art, improbability and precision. This workshop gives you the chance to use everyday items to create a chain-reaction, Goldberg-type piece of kinetic art. Bring your friends and collaborate, or compete to see who does it best. Video the results! All skill levels welcome. Materials included.

Minimalism - Tuesday, March 24, 7–9 PM Adults, Register Now

Minimalism as an art movement was an attempt to explore the essential elements and resulted in simple, sleek, geometric works with pure qualities of colour, form, space and materials. This workshop gives participants the opportunity to view examples of Minimalist art in the Sonnabend collection and be inspired to create a minimalist art piece using the ground and medium of their choice. All skill levels welcome. Materials included.

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