Amalie Atkins-Inspired Collage Fantasy Map Activity

This activity is inspired by artist Amalie Atkins and the collage map she created for her film The Diamond Eye Assembly. This work premiered at Remai Modern in April 2019.

Artist bio: Saskatoon-based artist Amalie Atkins uses real places and stories to inspire her dreamlike films and installations. Her work blends her Prairie upbringing, handmade aesthetic and passion for storytelling. Atkins studied at the Alberta College of Art & Design, and is the cofounder of Optronic Eye Film Club.

Supply list:

  • Colourful paper (construction paper, recycled books, tissue paper, etc.)
  • Card stock, newsprint, or other paper for background
  • Sketchbook or paper for brainstorming
  • Drawing supplies (pencil, pens, markers, stencils, etc)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Optional: stickers, coloured tape


  • Gather supplies
  • Brainstorm your story by asking “Who, when, where, why, and how?”
  • Make a “mind map” by envisioning what your project will look like
  • Create a collage map based on your brainstorming and mind map
  • Use your collage map to tell a story about your fantastic adventure

Learn more:

Amalie Atkins Website

Amalie Atkins and the Diamond Eye Assembly

Amalie Atkins Artist Questionnaire


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