Eleanor Bond-Inspired aerial view with 3D bridge activity

This activity is inspired by Eleanor Bond’s painting Lake Community. In the work, Bond depicts an aerial view of an imagined landscape dominated by land and water. 

Lake Community is on view at Remai Modern as part of the exhibition Next Year’s Country, which re-examines ideas of place, belonging and history through a wide range of Canadian artists in Remai Modern’s permanent collection.

Bond was born in Winnipeg, graduated from the University of Manitoba, and teaches at Concordia University in Montreal. Her large-scale landscape paintings combine natural and built elements, and merge the familiar with the imaginary.

Supplies: card stock, markers or coloured pencils, pencil, ruler, scissors. Glue optional. 

Instructions: draw an aerial view of a river and river valley on card stock. For a bridge, cut a strip of card stock slightly longer than the river picture and attach it with glue, or by sliding through slits cut in each end of the river picture. Watch the video for river picture and bridge variations. 

Learn more about Bond’s work by listening to the multimedia guide interview below.

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The Fine Art of Mucking About: Eleanor Bond via Border Crossings Magazine


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