Tammi Campbell-Inspired Conceptual Art Activity


We often think of artists making things, but sometimes an artist’s idea is more important than the physical work. The final piece is evidence of the idea. This way of working is called Conceptual art. Conceptual art can be simple or complicated, and serious or silly!

Tammi Campbell’s idea, or concept, was to use the daily routine of writing a letter first-thing each day to help her focus on her work for the rest of the day. The resulting letters are the evidence of this daily focus exercise. Check out the image of Campbell’s work Dear Agnes to hear more about her project and see what kind of letters she created.

We created a Conceptual art example for someone who lives with books. Choose a number that appeals to you: maybe the date you were born or your age. Let’s use 19 for this example. Each day take a different book in your house and find the 19th word on the 19th page. Make a list of each word and, when you have as many as you want, use them to create a sentence.

In the video, you’ll hear more about Conceptual art and see a project underway.

Listen to artist Sandra Fraser, Curator (Collections), speak about Tammi Campbell's Dear Agnes.

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