Victor Cicansky–Inspired Sculpture Activity

Victor Cicansky is a sculptor who lives and works in Regina. He is known for creating fruits and vegetables out of ceramic and bronze. Cicansky created his aesthetic using place and personal experience, often employing themes of farming and gardening, reflecting life on the Prairies.  


  • Plasticine (or air-dry clay or play dough)
  • Scissors (or a butter knife)
  • Plastic placemat (or an ice cream lid or anything that will contain the mess)
  • Awl (or large sewing needle, roofing nail, or anything with a pointy end)


  • Create a sculpture using plasticine that tells a story of a fruit or vegetable. It could be a fruit or vegetable that looks a little bit human, is doing something human, or just fruits or vegetables acting a bit silly. Use your imagination and work with your mistakes!
  • Find some fruits or vegetables to use as “models”
  • Cut small amounts of plasticine from the block. Start small and add more as you go
  • Choose a colour and warm it up by moving it around in your hands. Mix your own colous by adding small amounts to one another. Make sure to take your time and mix the two colours completely
  • Develop your basic shape first, then add detail
  • Use tools to add finer detail
  • Hold your sculpture gently in your hand so as not to squish it

Learn more:

Here Victor Cicansky speak about the magic of gardens in this trailer for a feature-length documentary on the artist.

Victor Cicansky: The Gardener's Universe (Trailer) from 291 Film Company on Vimeo.


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