William Perehudoff Miniature Museum Activity

In 1953, Fred Mendel invited William Perehudoff to paint murals on the walls of a reception room at Intercontinental Packers. Decades later, when the building was slated for demolition, a remarkable process was developed to salvage the murals. This miniature museum project is inspired by Perehudoff’s reception room murals, which are part of Remai Modern’s collection and were displayed at the museum as part of its opening program. 


Card stock (new, or cut from file folders or greeting cards) or lightweight cardboard from packaging

Miscellaneous artmaking supplies of your choosing (only very small quantities are required)



Instructions: Make freestanding miniature museum walls by folding a piece of cardstock in half. Create miniature art for the walls, and 3D art to sit on the floor. See the video for variations and options.

Listen to Sandra Fraser, Curator (Collections) and Jillian Cyca, Registrar, speak about William Perehudoff's famous International Packers Reception Room Murals.

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