Zachari Logan - Cut Flowers, After Mary Delany Activity

Flowers in a bouquet are called cut flowers because they’ve been cut from the plant on which they were growing. For Zachari Logan’s work Cut Flowers, After Mary Delany, he created realistic-looking ceramic flowers that mimic this look. In the 1700s, Mary Delany made botanically accurate flowers by cutting paper, giving the term cut flowers more than one meaning. More than 200 years after Delany created her remarkable cut-paper flowers, Logan was so inspired by her work that he acknowledged her influence in the title of his work.

Supplies: paper, markers, scissors, glue

Instructions: for inspiration, research flowers in the garden or online. Cut the shapes of petals and leaves from white paper and apply colour with markers. Create three-dimensional shapes by rolling the pieces around a pencil or marker. Glue in place on a background but make sure the petals and leaves are not glued flat.

Listen to artist Zachari Logan talk about his work, Cut Flowers, After Mary Delany

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