Jeremy Workman, The World Before Your Feet (2018)

The World Before Your Feet

Jeremy Workman

SaskTel Theatre

Remai Modern, in partnership with Jane’s Walk Saskatoon, presents two documentaries. Life on Two Wheels is a short film commissioned by Saskatoon Cycles and the Saskatchewan Health Authority created by local filmmaker, Andrei Feheregyhazi. 

The World Before Your Feet tells the story of Matt Green’s personal quest to walk every block of every street in New York City. A journey of more than 8,000 miles that stretches from the barbershops of the Bronx to the forests of Staten Island, from the Statue of Liberty to Times Square, Matt has amassed a detailed knowledge of New York's history and people along the way. The film is a tribute to an endlessly fascinating city and the freedom to be found, wherever you live, in simply taking a walk.

The World Before Your Feet

Directed by Jeremy Workman

2018, USA, 95 mins, PG-13



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