Two Worlds Colliding

Tasha Hubbard

SaskTel Theatre

In conjunction with the exhibition Facing the Monumental, artist Rebecca Belmore and curator Wanda Nanibush have selected a series of films, revealing issues, influences and additional insights into artistic practice.

This documentary chronicles the story of Darrell Night, an Indigenous man who was dumped by two police officers in a barren field on the outskirts of Saskatoon in January 2000, during -20° C temperatures. He survived, but he was stunned to hear that the frozen body of another Indigenous man was discovered in the same area.

This film is an inquiry into what came to be known as Saskatoon's infamous "freezing deaths" and the schism between a fearful, mistrustful Indigenous community and a police force harbouring a shocking secret.

Two Worlds Colliding

Directed by Tasha Hubbard

2002, Canada, 49 mins, PG



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