What Trees Talk About (2017)

What Trees Talk About

Ryszard Hunka

SaskTel Theatre

Narrated by scientist, author and broadcaster David Suzuki, What Trees Talk About: Secrets in the Boreal Forest is an awe-inspiring look at the secret and dynamic life of trees in the boreal forests of the north – how they communicate, wage war and work together to transform their world and ours. 

Special guest, Sandy Marie Bonny will present an introductory talk, Storied Canopies, that invite us to consider the ways that we talk with our human neighbours about the trees that live among us on city streets. What role do the stories we build in conversation have in shaping urban policy, development, and arbour-focused climate mitigation initiatives? Are we telling the best stories we can? Are we hearing, and responding, to the messages we should? 

Sandy Marie Bonny is a writer, artist, educator, and storyteller with a background in the arts and academic Earth sciences (PhD 2007). She enjoys bridging these disciplines in active and enacted creative works, with contributions that have spanned diverse media and narrative architectures. Sandy lives in Saskatoon, beneath the umbrella of a lovely, giant, and ageing elm. 

Presented in partnership with SOS Tree Coalition as part of Arbor Week celebrations 

What Trees Talk About

Directed by Ryszard Hunka

2017, Canada, 53 mins, G


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