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borderLINE: 2020 Biennial of Contemporary Art

Opening Day

Opening Saturday, September 26: See work by 20 Prairie artists in borderLINE: 2020 Biennial of Contemporary Art. Opening day includes a full slate of live performances and interactions starting at 1:30 PM.

1:30-4:30 PM – Hallway outside the Marquee Gallery (Level 3)

Nurgül Rodriguez’s socially engaged practice unfolds in front of the Marquee Gallery. Her project Out of Place is comprised of 1,095 porcelain cups to represent the number of days she was required to be in Canada during a five-year period to become a Canadian citizen. During this three-hour window, visitors will have an opportunity to meet the artist and participate in her project by taking home one of the cups in exchange for answering a question from the Canadian Citizenship Guide. A correct answer isn’t required, but the artist hopes it causes visitors to consider their own knowledge of the country’s history and empathize with the immigration experience. This is the first of several facilitated exchanges of Rodriguez’s work that will take place during the run of borderLINE.

2-3:30 PM – Remai Modern outdoor terrace (area facing the river)

Artist Bill Burns’ performance, The Goat, the Honey, the Milk, the Country Singer, takes place outside of the museum. Burns will work with fellow artist Monique Blom, who will render honey, and milk a goat for Burns to mix together. Burns and Blom will share their knowledge, while Andy Beisel provides musical accompaniment.

Burns explores the contradictory relationships enacted through trade and the ways that goods are transported. His works in borderLINE speak to the contradictions within global trade, international borders, food production and animal husbandry, while make more oblique references to the economies of the art world.

3 PM – Indoor staircase leading from Level 2 to Level 3

Artist Cindy Baker will perform it could hardly not be Cindy Baker, an artistic gesture meant to recreate one of her dreams. This minimal work involves the artist quietly holding a sculpture while sitting on a cloud-like mat on the landing. Baker’s work in borderLINE continues her exploration of dreamwork and its relationship to memories, trauma and the body. She catalogues her dreams and realizes them through evocative installations.

Visitors are encouraged to come and go as they please during all three program elements. The outdoor performances are free to the public, while the two indoor programs are free with admission.

Come early or stay late to explore the expansive exhibition in the museum’s Marquee Gallery.LEARN MORE ABOUT THE EXHIBITION

borderLINE: 2020 Biennial of Contemporary Art

Opening Day


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