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Turn Out

Darren Miller and Jacqueline Woods

7:00 PM
Riverview Room

Free with museum admission + Free for members

Remai Modern presents a series of sound art and experimental music performances, in which artists have conceived of the museum as the body of an instrument. Each artist explores the acoustic properties of the museum and reconsiders its architectural features as sound-generating apparatus.

The first performance features composer and sound artist Dr. Darren Miller and renowned pianist Jacqueline Woods. Their piece, no relation: for cassandra miller is a new work that invites audience members to contribute to the composition by performing the building itself-specifically its enormous metal railing-as a percussion instrument. Both unintentional physical contact with the staircase and deliberate musical contributions on a section of the railing will be heavily amplified and electronically manipulated by Miller, in real-time. As even subtle contact with the rail can result in substantial sound levels, the beaters provided to the audience will be quite delicate-an intentional reference to the 1998 composition Dry Bones by Canadian composer Cassandra Miller (for whom the work is named) that employed 9 percussionists playing orchestral timpani with knitting needles.

A composer of research-based art music, Darren Miller embraces both conventional instrumentation and its extension, through technological means. Miller has studied in Saskatoon, Victoria, Banff, Darmstadt and Buffalo, and holds a PhD in music composition. His work has been presented in a variety of international venues, from traditional concert halls and radio broadcasts, to art galleries and experimental music collectives. Miller is the Co-founder and Director of Sask New Music and of the annual Strata Festival of New Music in Saskatoon.

Canadian pianist Jacqueline Woods is known for her dynamic playing and accessible presentation. Woods commands a diverse repertoire, but has a particular love for the world of chamber music. Her musical career has taken her around the world, from Budapest to New York. In 2008, she co-founded Saskatoon's Ritornello Chamber Music Festival with violinist Carissa Klopoushak. Woods has studied at the State University of New York, University of Ottawa, University of Saskatchewan, London College of Music and Hungary's Liszt Academy of Music.

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What is Turn Out?

Featuring performance art, live music, dance, spoken word and more Turn Out brings people and art together in a social atmosphere on the first Friday of every month. 

Turn Out

Darren Miller and Jacqueline Woods


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