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Inspired from the nature of simplicity and unity, Halo One is an original, modern, and breathtaking new designed Bluetooth/NFC speaker from Gingko. The aesthetically and fashionably shaped sound box reveals sexy curves and wood texture and delivers a smooth sense of touch and phenomenal audio quality.

Halo One meets people’s desire for adding an unusual, inspiring, and aesthetic table art in their living or working space, as well as seriously improving your listening experience from the two 1’’ tweeters with amazing stereo sound.

Plus, the touch-sensitive control panel built underneath the smooth surface of the sound box and powered by built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery make your operating experience more enjoyable. To switch on or off Halo One, just simply touch the on/off switch and to adjust the sound volume, just slide up or down with one finger on the panel.

Halo One, better in one...

Features: Dimensions are L 20 x H 22 x W 15 cm. Frequency Range 80Hz - 18kHz, sound Track 2.0 Stereo Sound, Power Input: USB 5V —1A / Li-Ion 2000mAh rechargeable battery. Speaker: Two 1""tweeters. SNR (Signal Noise Ratio)+/ = 75dB.  Connectivity NFC (Near Field Communications). Bluetooth® Technology: Bluetooth® 4.0 Audio Input- AUX in (3.5 mm) Product Material-Aluminium frame in ABS body with beech wood effect finish Control Panel : Touch sensitive Control.

Gingko Electronics is a UK technology-centered and people-driven company. Founded in 2011 by Paul Sun with the objective of designing, manufacturing and selling high-class eco-friendly, stylish, functional and unique quality products for home and design-led gifts. 

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