South 40 Saskatchewan Ornament



Saskatchewan is truly the land of living skies, and these fabric ornaments made from recycled and repurposed fabric, capture the simple beauty of our province. Made in Bradwell, Saskatchewan by South 40 Designs. Each ornament sold separately is completely unique and arrives in assorted colours and patterns. 

Allison Brandt-Malinski is the creator, designer, and fabricator behind South 40 Designs. She uses recycled and repurposed fabrics and transforms them into one-of-a kind collectible magnets. Distinctly Saskatchewan.

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Tea Towel - Fish


Konzuk Earrings Carina Nebula


Dconstruct Sea Green Bangle Bracelet


Marcy Friesen Fur Necklace


South 40 Saskatchewan Magnet


Daryl Richardson Remai Bird


Creature Leather Habitat Log Black


Amalie Atkins Edition


House Tea Towel


Saskatchewan Teatowel


Hillary Simon-Worobec Candy Cups


Konzuk Orbis Citrus Candle


Monique Martin Domed Dandelion


Clay Soap


Mark Wells Copper & Silver Earrings


Mark Wells Copper & Silver Necklace


Cement Clock Ardor Home Goods


Brutal Pin


Béton Brut Lavalier Earrings Carbon


Béton Brut Oculus Petite Necklace



Remai Modern Mask

$13.99 $9.79

Cecile Miller Mug Squiggle


Cecile Miller Mug Stripe


Béton Brut Lavalier Necklace Carbon


Daryl Richardson Crow


Flux Jewlery Design Origami Wings Pendant


Daryl Richardson Murmuration


Schleeh Gemini Cement Vase Low


Schleeh Shimmer Hand Dyed Wood Vase


Walden Sweet Bicycle Tea Towel


Walden Sweet Cat Tea Towel


Harden & Huyse Box of 16 Chocolates


Suburban Ceramic Teapot


Suburban Honey Pot


Remai Modern Mug & Tea Gift Box


Wine & Chocolates Gift Box


Mugs and Teas Gift Box


Be Magic Green Tea


Be Magic High Tea


Be Magic Haskap Strawberry Jam


Be Magic Haskap Hot Mustard


Harden & Huyse Box of 8 Chocolates


South 40 Saskatchewan Ornament


Ludviks 2 Cube Necklace


Ludviks Cube Pendant Silver


Harden & Huyse Box of 4 Chocolates


Remai Modern Wood Ornament


Monique Martin Seed Quilt Framed


Monique Martin Large Domed Dandelion



Solid Black Mask

$13.99 $9.79

Sylvestre Carved Feather Earring


Morin Arrowhead Earrings


Morin Arrowhead Necklace


Clay Soap Salt Soak


Schleeh Bachelor II Pad


Schleeh Bogart Card Holder


Ardor Home Goods Terazzo Mirror


Monique Martin Dandelions

$35.00 - $125.00

Monique Martin Ceramic Flowers


Walden Sweet Pink Flowers Tea Towel


Walden Sweet Bird Tea Towel


Ardor Home Goods Terrazzo Clock


33 1/3 Coffee Beans


Monique Dandelion Screenprint Framed


Monique Martin Dandelion Napkin


Front Paper Floral Happy Birthday Card


Front Paper Here for you Card


Front Paper You Are Loved


Front Paper Here's To You Card


Flower Field Thank You Card


Happy Anniversary Card


Ardor Home Goods Remai Modern Coaster


Sunnybee Creations Lip Balm


Sunnybee Creations Beeswax Lotion bar


Sunnybee Creations Beeswax Wraps


Monique Martin Butterfly Dome


Let's Fly! A Dragon's Quest in Saskatoon Book


Firefly Whirlwind Necklace


Firefly Holbox Necklace


Firefly Coiled Bracelet


Bear Soapstone Carving Kit


Turtle Soapstone Carving Kit


Wolf Carving Kit


Eagle Carving Kit


Bear & Wolf Carving Kit



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