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Live Editions: Jillian Ross Print

For this exhibition, Remai Modern’s Connect Gallery will be transformed into a working print studio. Jillian Ross Print will showcase the editioning of their latest collaboration with artist William Kentridge – a large-scale and highly complex photogravure series consisting of over 30 plates. This exhibition will explore and celebrate the significance of Ross’s work as a collaborative printmaker in the production of the yet unpublished series by this internationally renowned South African artist. 

Live Editions will also demonstrate Ross’ collaboration with artist Wally Dion during an intensive two-week residency in the gallery. Jillian Ross Print began working with Dion in 2022 on the artist’s first printmaking work. Ross and Dion will showcase the experimental and technical aspects of developing a work together, which brings together diverse elements of Dion’s practice including drawing, painting, sculpture and textile.

The exhibition includes recently published works by Jillian Ross Print with a focus on Kentridge’s Studio Life Gravures series created in response to COVID lockdown, the short film A Guided Tour of Etching by Joanna Dudley and William Kentridge, and Dion’s Prairie Braids.

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Additional Resources

The Great Yes, The Great No – See videos, podcasts, writing and more on this new theatrical production project featuring the work of William Kentridge and Jillian Ross Print.

Live Editions: Jillian Ross Print – Learn more about the exhibition project by visiting the Jillian Ross Print website.

About the Artists

Jillian Ross (b.1978)

Jillian Ross is a Canadian collaborative printmaker who began working with William Kentridge in 2006 while Master Printer at David Krut Workshop in Johannesburg. Working together for the last 17 years, Ross and Kentridge have produced over 190 works. Ross now continues her collaborations from her Saskatoon studio – Jillian Ross Print.

William Kentridge (b.1955)

William Kentridge is internationally acclaimed for his drawings, films, theatre and opera productions. His method combines drawing, writing, film, performance, music, theatre, and collaborative practices to create works of art that are grounded in politics, science, literature and history, yet maintaining a space for contradiction and uncertainty.

Wally Dion (b.1976)

Wally Dion is a Saskatoon-born artist of Saulteaux ancestry living and working in Upstate New York. Working in a number of media including painting, drawing and sculpture, his art is concerned with issues of identity and power; it includes both representational and abstract geometric works.