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Other Arrangements: Poetics of the Performance Score

Like music, performance often uses a score of text, diagrams and pictures that detail the live work on paper. In performance, however, there is not a standardized system of notation with staffs, clefs and notes. Without defined rules, artists have played with the performance score’s malleable form to create expressive new works.

Other Arrangements presents a range of artistic responses to the score, from open-ended invitations and playful proposals to poetic appeals to the body and weather. The exhibition highlights the ways artists use performance scores to invoke action and possibility.

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Feature Gallery

The exhibition includes a selection of event scores by leading figures from the mid-20th century alongside works from the Remai Modern collection by Rodney Graham, Pierre Huyghe, Rodney LaTourelle and Heather Nicol. The exhibition also features a collaborative sound installation from the curator/artist duo The Dim Coast and projects by Tanya Lukin Linklater and Evgenia Mikhaylova.

Performance programming will bring many of these scores to life throughout the exhibition. The museum’s grand piano is installed in the gallery and local artists will be invited to enact a number of works including interpretations of Rodney Graham’s The School of Velocity, and performance scores such as George Brecht’s Piano Piece. Local dancers and musicians will present works by Brendan Fernandes and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and artist Raven Chacon.