Remai Modern is a new museum opening on October 21 2017 in the heart of Saskatoon at River Landing. It will be an art museum and so much more. It will offer community and rental spaces, a riverbank dining experience, a free atrium and gallery, and access to underground parking and Persephone Theatre. The state-of-the-art learning centre will offer hands-on art making for kids, adults, families, schools and seniors. With more than 8,000 works of art in the permanent collection, Remai Modern’s galleries will also display an impressive mix of local, national and international modern art. Remai Modern will offer something for everyone.



Remai Modern is staffed by a talented team, who work together to promote the museum's vision. If you are interested in joining our staff, please view our current job opportunities. If you are not sure where to direct an inquiry, please contact info [at] remaimodern.org or call (306) 975-7610 for assistance.


Gregory Burke
Executive Director & CEO

Jana King-Mayes 
Executive Assistant

+ 1 306 975-7669
jking-mayes [at] remaimodern.org

Jillian Slivenski
Administrative Assistant

+ 1 306 975-8051

jslivenski [at] remaimodern.org

Lyndon Linklater
Indigenous Relations Adviser


Sheryl Fox
Director of Development

+ 1 306 975-2768

sfox [at] remaimodern.org

Kathleen Crowther
Development Manager

+ 1 306 975-7685
kcrowther [at] remaimodern.org

Anna Burton
Development Associate

+ 1 306 385-7382
aburton [at] remaimodern.org

Sacha Tegenkamp
Membership Coordinator

+ 1 306 975-8498
stegenkamp [at] remaimodern.org

Jennifer Heinrichs 
Development Coordinator

+ 1 306 975-8060
jheinrichs [at] remaimodern.org


Sandra Guimarães
Director of Programs & Chief Curator

+ 1 306 975-8056

sguimaraes [at] remaimodern.org

Sandra Fraser 
Curator (Collections)

+ 1 306 975-8057
sfraser [at] remaimodern.org

Rose Bouthillier
Curator (Exhibitions)

+ 1 306 975-8291
rbouthillier [at] remaimodern.org

Troy Gronsdahl 
Associate Curator (Live Programs)

+ 1 306 975-8487

tgronsdahl [at] remaimodern.org

Ushma Thakrar 
Editor & Publications Coordinator

+ 1 306 978-8965
uthakrar [at] remaimodern.org

Donald Roach
Exhibitions Manager

+ 1 306 975-8054
droach [at] remaimodern.org

Kelly Van Damme 
Learning & Engagement Coordinator

+ 1 306 975-8052

kvandamme [at] remaimodern.org

Carol Wylie 
Program Assistant

+ 1 306 975-8031
cwylie [at] remaimodern.org

Jillian Cyca

+ 1 306 975-8099
jcyca [at] remaimodern.org

Sharon Deason
Registrar (Term Position)

+ 1 306-975-8059
sdeason [at] remaimodern.org

Jason Hosaluk

+ 1 306 975-8061
jhosaluk [at] remaimodern.org

Chad Redl

+ 1 306 975-8061
credl [at] remaimodern.org


Alison Murawsky
Director of Marketing

+ 1 306 975-8055
amurawsky [at] remaimodern.org

Stefan Deprez
Guest Experience Manager

+ 1 306 975-8053
sdeprez [at] remaimodern.org

Sarah Timmons
Guest Experience & Volunteer Coordinator

+1 306 975-8088
stimmons [at] remaimodern.org

Glen McKee
Art & Design Store Manager

+1 306 975-8050
gmckee [at] remaimodern.org

Amy Hood
Art & Design Store Supervisor
+1 306-978-8951
ahood [at] remaimodern.org

Sheila Robertson
Communications Manager

+ 1 306 975-2242
srobertson [at] remaimodern.org

Lindsey Rewuski
Design Coordinator

+ 1 306 975-7617
lrewuski [at] remaimodern.org

Reilly Forbes
Content Coordinator

+ 1 306 978-8961
rforbes [at] remaimodern.org


Dean Summach
Director of Finance & Strategy
+ 1 306 975-7614
dsummach [at] remaimodern.org

Jane Zaleschuk 
Accounting Manager

+1 306 975-7613
jzaleschuk [at] remaimodern.org

John Henderson
Security & Building Manager

+1 306 975-7616
jhenderson [at] remaimodern.org

Mary Ann Posada
Accounting Clerk

+ 1 306 975-7619
mposada [at] remaimodern.org

Board of Directors

Alain Gaucher, Q.C.
Chair of the Board
Chair, Executive Committee

Darrell Bell

Denise Belman
Secretary, Executive Committee

Trent Bester
Treasurer, Executive Committee
Chair, Audit & Finance Committee

Councillor Cynthia Block

Karen Chad

Chair, Governance Committee

Brenda Green

Councillor Mairin Loewen

Keitha McClocklin


Garnet McElree
Chair, Development Committee

Alison Norlen
Secretary, Executive Committee

Grant Stoneham
Chair, Collections Committee

Dion Tootoosis

Scott Verity
Vice-Chair, Executive Committee


Thank you for your interest in joining the amazing team of professionals at Remai Modern! The museum offers exciting career opportunities in a creative and unique environment.


Submit a cover letter and detailed résumé to careers [at] remaimodern.org.  You must reference the job you are applying for in the “Subject” line of the email submission.

Remai Modern is an Employment Equity Employer.

The following career opportunities are currently available:

Learning & Engagement Programs Leader

Media Releases

Gregory Burke, Executive Director & CEO of Remai Modern, Supercommunity Live, October 30-31, 2015
Gregory Burke, Executive Director & CEO of Remai Modern, Supercommunity Live, October 30-31, 2015
Panelists at Supercommunity Live, October 31, 2015
Panelists at Supercommunity Live, October 31, 2015
Tanya Lukin Linklater, the the, performance and panel discussion, February 20, 2016
Tanya Lukin Linklater, the the, performance and panel discussion, February 20, 2016
Dr. Gerald McMaster, Museums 3.0 lecture, April 18, 2016
Dr. Gerald McMaster, Museums 3.0 lecture, April 18, 2016
Remai Modern Announces Full Artist Lineup and Opening Program

Remai Modern announces free admission for its opening weekend

Remai Modern announces new web commission by Ahlam Shibli

Remai Modern supports artist Jimmie Durham

Remai Modern announces new web commission by Raqs Media Collective

Remai Modern Announces October 2017 Opening

Remai Modern announces new web commission by Lynne Marsh

Remai Modern announces new web commission by Duane Linklater

Gordon and Jill Rawlinson and Rawlco Radio $1-M gift supports free admission program at Remai Modern

Remai Modern debuts new video work by Rosa Barba on its website

Remai Modern partners with leading restaurateurs Oliver & Bonacini

TD Bank Group donation supports free, main-floor programming at Remai Modern

Remai Modern awarded $3 million from the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund

Remai Modern announces new web commission by Ellen Moffat

Remai Modern announces new web commission by Amanda Beech

Remai Modern announces new web commission by Rosa Barba

Remai Modern to host Jimmie Durham retrospective in 2018

Remai Modern announces new web commission by Kara Uzelman

St. Mary’s School Students Decorate Art for Life Tree December 2

Remai Modern announces new web commission by Pedro Barateiro

Writers Yann Martel & Alice Kuipers donate Clint Neufeld sculpture to Remai Modern

Remai Modern announces new web commission by Taysir Batniji

Remai Modern offers tribute to Wynona Mulcaster

Remai Modern announces new web commission by Thomas Hirschhorn

Remai Modern Turn Out event caps off summer art projects at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market

Remai Modern announces new web commission by Tanya Lukin Linklater

Tammi Campbell web commission for Remai Modern expands on Agnes Martin

Remai Modern art project honours forgotten individuals

Visual Identity Backgrounder

Remai Modern introduces visual identity and exciting summer programs

Remai Modern presents public lecture on Indigenous viewpoints

Remai Modern Congratulates Exemplary Volunteers

Alison Murawsky appointed Director of Marketing for Remai Modern

Remai Modern Turn Out presents Tanya Lukin Linklater

Remai Modern to ramp up activities in 2016

Rose Bouthillier Appointed Remai Modern Curator (Exhibitions)

Remai Modern Supercommunity Live draws artists & writers to Saskatoon

BMO Financial Group donates $650,000 to Remai Modern

Sky-High Art Exhibition Points to Lofty Goals for Remai Modern

New Trustees Named to Remai Modern Board

Remai Modern Congratulates Peter Stoicheff

Picasso-Inspired Banners Unfurled at River Landing

Pre-Launch Programs Announced

New Remai Modern Director Programs / Chief Curator

Remai Modern Partners with E-Flux Journal on Supercommunity

Remai Modern: 2015-19 Business Plan

Frederick Mulder Foundation donates Picasso ceramics

Remai Modern Brand Announcement

Museums 3.0 Lecture Series

Space Rental


Remai Modern will offer unique space rentals with spectacular views in the heart of River Landing. Housed among compelling art exhibitions, spaces are available for small groups as well as large events of up to 350 people. With stunning architecture animated by art throughout, Remai Modern will offer a creative experience for weddings, conferences, corporate retreats and other events. 

Full on-site catering services with menus meant to inspire will allow easy planning and an exceptional guest experience. For questions regarding space rentals, please contact info [at] remaimodern.org.

To be among the first to know when complete space rental information is available, sign up to receive Remai Modern's monthly e-newsletter:

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Art and Design Store

Remai Modern is seeking exciting, modern, one-of-a-kind artworks to sell in its Art & Design store on a consignment basis. Artists who are interested in creating works (for example, glass, pottery, jewelry, woodwork, metalwork) especially for Remai Modern are invited to submit two photos of each proposed item for consideration by a jury. Preference will be given to submissions reflecting the unique culture of the region.

Download a submission form here. http://bit.ly/2uy6cDm

Submit your application via email to artanddesignstore [at] remaimodern.org. The deadline for submission is August 25th 2017


Remai Modern will be opening to the public in 2017, in a new location in Saskatoon’s south downtown. In the meantime, the museum can be contacted at: 

Remai Modern
P.O. Box 569
Saskatoon, SK  S7K 3L6

+1 306 975-7610
info [at] remaimodern.org

Please see our staff list for more specific inquiries.