Pablo Picasso, Portrait de Jeune Fille d’après Cranach le Jeune 11, 1958, linocut, 63 x 53 cm. Collection of Remai Modern. Gift of the Frank and Ellen Remai Foundation 2012. © Picasso Estate / SOCAN (2020)

Pablo Picasso

Drawing in Colour

Remai Modern holds the most complete set of Pablo Picasso’s linocuts in the world and is delighted to present an exhibition that shows Picasso’s mind at work. Picasso’s appetite for technical challenges was matched by Hidalgo Arnéra, his young printer. The two men were driven by similar values: imagination, mutual respect and love of a job well done. This chronological exhibition demonstrates Picasso’s innovation and ingenuity in mastering printing in colour, which he achieved through both the one-block-per-colour method and the reductive technique. Spanning the years 1955 to 1968, Drawing in Colour follows the various stages of Picasso’s process with linocut prints, which are presented alongside ceramics that he created in the same period, thereby highlighting the role of collaboration in his oeuvre.

Curatorial Team

Curated by Frederick Mulder and Anne-Françoise Gavanon

Frederick Mulder was raised in Eston, Saskatchewan, and educated at the University of Saskatchewan (B.A. Honours in English), Brown University (M.A., PhD in Philosophy), and Oxford University.

After Oxford, Mulder set up in London as a dealer in European printmaking 1470-1970, from Durer to Picasso. His firm, Frederick Mulder Ltd is one of the world’s leading specialists in Picasso’s printmaking, and has placed material in public museums and private collections all over the world, including Remai Modern.

Anne-Françoise Gavanon is and art historian and the director of Frederick Mulder Ltd. She is a recognized expert in the work of Picasso and Edvard Munch.


Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) is among the most prolific, influential and innovative and artists of the 20th century. Remai Modern houses the most comprehensive collection of linocuts by this iconic Spanish modernist. The focused and specialized collection includes editioned prints, working states and experimental proofs that provide insight into the Picasso's process. All of the linocuts were produced in an 17-year period between 1951 and 1968, in collaboration with Picasso's master printer, Hidalgo Arnera (1922–2007). With Arnera’s expertise and support, the artist worked hands-on to understand and push the limits and possibilities of the linocut process.



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